If you're reading this, you probably know what it's like to be pulled in a million directions with constant demands from your kids, your job, your bank account, credit card statement, and so much more.

I know you’re a busy single mom. And sometimes life is overwhelming. There are days when the thought of adding one more thing seems like the breaking point. You feel alone―like no one understands how busy you are trying to be mom and dad. You’re doing everything because there’s simply no one to split the responsibilities with. And as easy as you sometimes make it look...

You’re just. plain. exhausted.

But you continue to meet your children’s needs and plan meaningful family time together. You work hard to pay the bills, and find a little extra to do fun activities. Saving and working towards financial security is one of your deep desires, but how? With everything you’re balancing, you worry something’s going to fall through the cracks. That fear keeps you up at night. 

I created the Phenomenal Moms Membership Program with you in mind.

This online sisterhood brings together single moms, like yourself, who want to have more peace, less stress, and better money management skills.

In Phenomenal Moms Membership Program, you’ll get the tools and encouragement you need to chase your dreams, thrive, travel, give your kids the best, make sure that they feel loved, and live without lack. Starting today, you can begin living life in alignment with your purpose, regardless of what society says is "normal" for single moms and our children.

Changing your mindset and your life is not a glamorous, fancy process, but it is possible. It is possible for you to find peace; have less stress; develop a new, healthier view of managing your money; and develop better balance as a single mom.

What if I told you that in 2015, I was pregnant with twins when my life exploded?  I had just quit my job to become a full-time entrepreneur when I got pregnant, and then shortly thereafter realized that I was going to be a single mom.  

I couldn’t believe it.  

I went to the best schools, had multiple degrees and had a great career that I had just left to become a full-time entrepreneur. How did this happen to me? 

To top it off, I was struggling financially and despite the fact that I:  

  • Have an undergraduate Economics degree
  • Have an MBA in Finance
  • Passed the Certified Financial Planning exam
  • Teach personal finances
  • Managed a $1 billion budget for a department within a Fortune 100 company

I felt stuck. How would I manage my money, now budging for 3 instead of 1? 

I felt frozen, and I didn't know what to do next.  

However, I gave myself permission not to have all the answers. Then I turned to the one who did - The Lord. I also went back to the financial basics and learned what worked for me and what didn't. I modified my financial practices to better fit my new normal. And when I did, everything changed.

Aisha Has Been Seen In

You see, I learned single motherhood is not a poverty wish. Nor is it a sentence of despair, or a life void of phenomenal experiences. I realized I could walk walk in VICTORY, chase my dreams, be financially phenomenal, and raise amazing children. And so can you.

You are powerful. You are phenomenal and you have everything that you need to THRIVE. You just have to tap into it. This is why the Phenomenal Moms Membership Program is so important. More specifically you will learn what you need to live phenomenally. You’ll learn how to...

  • Handle The Unexpected

    Become better prepared to handle unexpected costs that may come up like medical bills, a child’s braces, car repairs, and other random bills and expenses that seem to come out of nowhere.

  • Build Your Budget

    Develop the tools to not just create a budget, but master the budgeting process and stick to it.

  • Save More

    Save thousands of dollars per year by making small tweaks to your life.

  • Live More

    Learn how to do more fun things for less, and create amazing experiences for you and your children.

  • Reduce The Guilt

    Identify and release single mom guilt.

  • Develop A Healthy Mindset

    Build a healthier view of yourself.

  • Support System

    Learn how to build a community and support system to help you on this journey.

  • Grow Your Faith

    Find more peace, gratitude, and joy by developing a more intimate relationship with God.

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You can finally get the tools and support you need to have more peace, less stress, and better money management skills.

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Each month we will discuss one topic that will help you transform your finances, have more confidence, and live a phenomenal life. To reduce the chances of overwhelm and increase the chances that you will complete the steps, the individual lessons are designed to be short and actionable. Each lesson is designed to be completed in 15-minutes.

Each month you will receive:

  • Live Classes

    Think of this as your Phenomenal Mom Bootcamp Class. Jumpstart your progress with these live 30-min trainings at the beginning of the month where I will deep dive the particular month’s topic.

  • Challenges

    Beat the overwhelm by making small, meaningful steps towards a more phenomenal life. These lessons will take you step by step through the topic discussed in the live class to help you move from not knowing where to begin to having a plan. Each lesson is designed to take 15-minutes.

  • Support

    The monthly challenge is my way of virtually holding your hand throughout this process so you know that you are not alone.

  • Access On Your Schedule

    Lessons that you can go back and review again and again on your own schedule.

Have you ever finished a training you thought you understood, but couldn’t apply what you’ve learned when you needed it?

Well, in the Phenomenal Mom Membership Program you will have help:

  • Monthly Live Q&A

    These 30-minute monthly Q&A calls will help you make sure you understand the lessons so your financial goals are not blocked by the things you don't know yet.

  • Accountability

    Avoid stagnation and overwhelm by getting feedback on how to implement the steps.

Bonus material

Start saving more and gaining more financial peace immediately.

  • Individual Financial Strategy Call

    The FIRST 20 MEMBERS will also receive a bonus individual 30-minute call where we will help you to prioritize your number 1 financial need and troubleshoot through 1 challenge.

  • 1 Immediate Access Bonus Course

    Immediate access to the following course: Identifying The Impact of Social Pressures On Your Money

  • Additional Bonus Courses Unlocked Quarterly

    Each quarter, in addition to the current month's topic, you will also unlock a bonus course.

What's the investment?

Similar to a gym membership, you will be billed $19.99 monthly. With this monthly investment you can get the tools that you need to have more peace, better money management skills, and less stress. By implementing the life changing principles in this membership, will you position yourself to, at minimum, save more than your monthly membership investment.

Hi! I'm Aisha and I'm a phenomenal, single mom of twins.

My life suddenly changed once I found out I was pregnant, and shortly thereafter realized that I was going to be a single mom. I couldn't believe that I was in this situation. However, this journey has been a total blessing.

On this journey, I realized that what happened to me is not unique, and I wanted to provide an online community for single moms. Therefore, I created FNPhenomenal to help single moms thrive financially and live phenomenally using Biblical principles to teach money management, self-care, and the importance of building a legacy for their family.

It's possible to live an amazing life and still be a single mom.


  • Once I join, how long do I get access to the material?

    You have access to all membership materials as long as your membership is active.

  • If I cancel the membership, will I retain access to the material that was released when I was an active member?

    Once you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the challenges and classes offered in the Phenomenal Mom Membership Program. Similar to a Netflix membership, you aren't paying per show/movie, you’re paying for a membership with the Phenomenal Mom Membership Program.

  • Will members be going through the same topics together or do we start at different points?

    To ensure the maximum effectiveness and transformation, we will all be going through the material together.

  • Will I get access to past classes and challenges?

    No. You will receive access to the current and ongoing membership materials once your membership begins. We will all be going through the material together. Past classes and challenges may be offered as a part of the quarterly bonus course.

  • Can I request a refund or cancel my membership?

    All members have the option of canceling their subscription any time. Membership access will discontinue at the end of current billing cycle.

  • Do you have any other payment options?

    Currently, the only payment option is the monthly membership program. Please email me at hello@fnphenomenal.com if you are interested in a bi-annual (6-month) or annual (1-year) subscription and if there is enough demand I will add those additional options.

  • What are the upcoming topics that will be discussed?


  • Is there a Facebook group? Will I actually get my questions answered?

    There is a Facebook Group where we will have a post where you can post your questions on the topic of the month and get feedback from myself and/or the Facebook community.

  • When does the Phenomenal Moms Membership Program officially start?

    The official start of the Phenomenal Moms Membership Program is December 1. However, while you wait you will get access to your Individual Financial Strategy Call (if you are one of the 1st 20 people to join) and you get access to the Special Unlocked Bonus Course, "The Impact of Social Pressures On Your Finances".

We are in this together

On this journey, I realized that what happened to me is not unique, and I wanted to provide an online community for single moms. None of us is perfect and none of us has it all together.

It's not easy, but it is totally possible and worth it. When you do your outlook of yourself, your possibilities, and the possibilities for your children will totally change.  You will no longer be held hostage by your circumstances, how other people view you, or even your past mistakes and in that, you will find freedom.

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Get the tools that you need to have more peace, less stress, and better money management skills.

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